Vocals, Guitar and Keyboards
“There’s no mystery why we’re called Lavender Hill.  I was born there!  We moved to Croydon, and I started learning to play guitar at 10 years old and the piano at 12, so hopefully I’ve picked up a chord or two.  My first band was a couple of neighbours and me, all playing Beatles covers on acoustic guitar.  My musical influences have widened since then, from early Delta Blues to those brilliant ‘60s bands like the original Fleetwood Mac and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers.  Croydon wasn’t the most glamorous place to grow up but there were venues like the Greyhound and Fairfield Hall where great acts appeared.    Now I listen to everything from classical to rap, and Chuck Berry to Joe Bonamassa in the search for inspiration.”
Silver has sung and played in bands all over the world including Buster, the U.S. version of Mid-Life Crisis, and Tempting Fate in France.  He recorded with the African artist Tom Yom’s in the 1990s.
He writes songs on his own and with Razz B, Lavender Hill’s drummer.  He also writes novels under the name of Graham Knight.